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Debates -DeBoss- DeMamma

Hill Yeah

Poppy Champlin

I loved hearing Hilary at The Al Smith Charity Dinner. The jokes she made about herself and Donald Trump were exceptional and I am thinking that most of them were written by our lesbian sisters. There are a lot of lesbians working for Hillary and that makes me proud. I used to wish I wrote for Leno now I wish I wrote for Hillary. I loved the joke when she said: “When I look at The Statue of Liberty I see what she stands for Hope and Honor and Dignity and when Donald looks at The Statue of Liberty he sees a four.”

Clearly the option is misogyny or Hillary.

I watched the first debate in P-town at The Sage Inn with a room full of lesbians; it felt good to be in solidarity with Hillary. Waiting for the debate to begin, with the ticking clock on MSNBC, was like waiting for the landing on the moon. And if we do get a woman for president, it will not only be one step for a woman, but a giant leap for womankind. So the big question was, would the candidates shake hands? No, they did not – and I noticed that Donald the clown had to put away his hand buzzer. I loved it that Anderson Cooper, a gay man, was asking the question about Trumps sexual remarks he made on that bus. “If you are a celebrity you can grab em by the pussy.” I mean these remarks are so lewd and misogynistic, forget Mike Pence, he should have asked Bill Cosby to be his running mate. It is embarrassing how simple he sounds. In one debate he used the word Re-jiggering. “The health care system needs some rejiggering.” Oh well that makes your plan clear. When asked if he is going to have a mandate for the health care system he looked offended and said “A mandate? Ask Anderson Cooper about that, I’m sure he has man dates all the time.”

His wife is no better. She actually plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech during the RNC. I think she should have just started with “I have a dream.”

I believe there has been poll rigging. In LA, my polling place kept changing. It went from the fire station, to the library, to the tearoom and finally landed me at the Jewish convalescent home. Yes, that is where my polling place was, a Jewish Convalescent home, and the convalescents were running it. I went up to the desk and said “Hi.” “What do you want?” She barked. Out of breath I said, “I would like to vote.” She replied in an accusatory manner, “You never visit!” I was stynmied, “I don’t even know you!” Well she went on, “it says here you live at 400 Hayworth, that is right down the street. Why not you should could come over, have some Manischewitz, play some Mahjong.” Hey whatever it takes.

Let’s all vote for the woman who wears the pantsuit in the family.

I’m with Her.

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